Project Profiles

Lutheran Hospital

Lutheran Hospital:
    Square Feet - 73,500
    Completion Date – August 2011
    Job Class – 
Carlisle TPO    Interesting Features – This was carefully constructed during the 5th floor expansion over the  existing, operating hospital


Summit Middle SchoolSummit Middle School:
    Square Feet – 35,000
    Completion Date – August 2011
    Job Class – Tremco TPO
    Interesting Features – This roof was one of the first
    photovoltaiic roof systems in northeast Indiana

Foellinger TheatreFoellinger Theatre:
    Square Feet – 35,000
    Completion Date – June 2011
    Job Class – Siplast Modified Bitumen
    Interesting Features – This curved roof proved
    to be an exciting task and required intense
    attention to aesthetics


Timbercrest: Timbercrest
    Square Feet – 11,000
    Completion Date – May 2011
    Job Class – Carlisle TPO/Sheet Metal
    Interesting Features – The beautiful sheet metal
    accents the TPO roof system along the whole
    perimeter of the building


Pizza HutPizza Hut:
    Square Feet – 5,000
    Completion Date – March 2009
    Job Class – Sheet Metal
    Interesting Features – Elegance and distinguished
    can be words used to describe this standing seam
    metal roof

Lincoln Financial Group Green RoofLincoln Financial Group
"Green" Roof

    Square Feet - 1,100
    Completion Date – October 2008
    Job Class – Modified Bitumen
    Interesting Features – This live vegetation
    green roof is very unique. Installation
    consisted of (from bottom to top) base sheet, cap sheet, root barrier, 2” extruded polystyrene, drainage mat, water retention
    fleece, 1” growing medium, and a vegetation mat

Sweetwater SoundSweetwater Sound:
    Square Feet – 41,600
    Completion Date – May 2008
    Job Class – Carlisle PVC   
    Interesting Features – LEED Certified


Vera BradleyVera Bradley:
    Square Feet – 216,600
    Completion Date – March 2007
    Job Class – Carlisle TPO

Allen County Public Library:ACPL
    Square Feet - 100,700
    Completion Date – April 2007
    Job Class – Derbigum Modified Bitumen


Glick CenterBall State Glick Center:
    Square Feet - 10,200
    Completion Date – July 2010
    Job Class –
Carlisle TPO/Sheet metal
    Interesting Features -  Atlas metal siding in a fish
    scale pattern

Parkview LagrangeParkview Lagrange:
    Square Feet – 10,100
    Completion Date – August 2011
    Job Class –
Carlisle TPO/Sheet Metal

St. John's


St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church:
    Square Feet - 6,000
    Completion Date – November 2009
    Job Class –  Sarnafil PVC
    Interesting Features - This roof has a
    PVC with welded ribs gives off the impression of a
    standing seam roof